"My Love Marks" is an annual ranking of Business Lady Magazine. More and more people around the globe raise their expectations towards the performance and effectiveness of a particular product or service. In most cases we get it – the fries are always fresh, the dishes are shiny. Love marks reach beyond the brand itself. They deliver to us greater pleasure then the expectation of a higher effectiveness of the brand. Love marks sit on the top of the highest levels of respect. They reach our hearts as well as our minds, creating an intimate, emotional relation, without which we simply cannot live.

Unlike other rankings, "My Love Marks" does not rely on jury during nominations – they are free, based solely on consumers’ preferences and do not include special market criteria. Thus “My Love Marks” presents not the expert opinion, but consumers’ opinion on the branding.

Our favorite brands are friends, not just deals. You don’t simply buy your loved mark, you embrace it with passion. That is exactly the thing you would never let go. Simply put, our loved marks inspire us.

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